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Ona Venice Full-Grain Leather SLR/DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag – Camel

A total rip off…

From Knoxville, TN on 3/11/2012
1out of 5

Pros: Good Protection

Cons: Color looks different, TOO BIG, Cheap details, Leather is super delicate, Too Bulky, Not enough room for gear

Best Uses: None

Describe Yourself: Photography Student

Was this a gift?: No

I am a student photographer and I decided to buy this camera bag because it does not scream out loud camera bag. I had read some online reviews about Ona Camera bags and based on them I decided to jump and buy the Venice camel bag (despite the high price)

I saw the bag on the Ona website on October of 2011 and I had to wait until March 2012 in order to get it because it was out of stock. It does not make sense to me to promote a product and have it on stock 5 months later! Well, although all the delay I decide to wait because I thought it could be a great bag.

When the bag arrived I was really disappointed. The leather is really delicate, so delicate that the bag came with a bunch of scratches already from just the handling of the store people. I definitely would love that type of leather on a purse, but on a camera bag??, I want something nice, but not something so delicate that it will look really ugly after a few times of tough use, (which is the purpose of a camera bag). The bag also lack the four little circles that some camera bags have on the bottom to avoid, in certain ways, that the bag actually comes in contact with the floor. This feature is also especially important taking into account the delicateness of the leather.

Moreover, the removable strap is not completely cover with leather. The top part is the only covered section, then the back part (the part that you arm comes in contact with) is just cover of a cheap looking piece of cloth. Ok, I can maybe pass the delicateness of the leather, but are you making me pay a lot more for something that is unfinished? it is so expensive to cover that piece of strap? even the most cheap camera bag with a removable cover, has the cover made of the same material all over.

On top of that, I cannot fit half of the equipment that I usually fit on my small cheap camera bag. The Venice bag is big, but with a lot of useless space, because of the way it closes at the top it restricts the amount of gear that you can put inside. I put my camera without the grip, a flash, a short range lens and my ipad and the bag feels bulky, heavy, and it was not easy to close it.

The Venice bag definitely did not work for me, and it is going back. I feel ripped off since for a lot less I can find a bag that fits a lot more gear, it is less bulkier, and it is more effective doing the job.